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Special Offers – If booked in advance  on or before July 30th 2014

Penny Croal is a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer, who passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her own journey and her work with clients has led her to the conclusion that “we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply held beliefs.”

Practising what she preaches Penny has used the techniques she has learnt, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Psych-K to heal herself of Bell’s Palsy (partial paralysis of the face), and to recover from a nervous breakdown, enabling her to rebuild herself a fuller, stronger and happier life.

Meta-Health CPD 2-Day Workshop

For anyone who has attended any healing course already. Do you want to have more control over conditions like Cancer, Arthritis, Asthma, Eczema, or any physical condition that is puzzling and/or threatening? Come and find out the results of some very interesting research and how to use it – knowledge is power! Vredehoek February 2015, 8th and 9th, Early Bird price R2700 (instead of R3300)

Matrix Re-imprinting Using EFT Course Workshop

For all qualified EFT Practitioners – Vredehoek February 2015, 10th and 11th,

Early Bird R2700 (instead of R3300)

First Gathering of the Energy Healers Association – Featuring Talk by Penny Croal from the UK about Meta-Health and Cancer

Matrix Reimprinting South Africa Image  Trainer

What’s Included?

One Year Associate Membership for all attendees is included.  Milnerton, 7th February 2015, 10am 12pm

Early Bird Booking R30  (instead of R500) – If booked in advance  on or before July 30th 2014

Please make your payment direct to the Energy Healers’ Association account (non-profit organisation):
Account Holder: Energy Healers Association
FNB Account Code: 62339114902
Branch Code: 203809
First National Bank of South Africa(ZA)

Please reference your payment with your email address or as much of it as you can fit in. Please note that only bank transfer or actual cash (money that looks like real money notes) is accepted. Thank you for your understanding  :-)  After making your investment, please email with proof of payment if possible, and specify which date/s you want. Then we will write back to you with your full details.

How the use of prayer can help Energy Healing Work Faster


Hello again, I was doing some of my street energy healing today.

I think you might find this one interesting as it was fascinating to me what happened next. I was in a local mall and  I noticed someone in pain.  I stopped her and asked her if I could help.  She ascribed her sore neck to long hours at work. I explained I might be able to help if she was prepared to let me try. Using a combination of Reiki and EFT tapping I sensed she was very tired and put my one hand on her neck and held her left hand. Her neck was like thick steel chords that were at breaking point.

As I was standing quietly doing the energy healing a young woman came up to me and asked if I was praying. Puzzled I smiled and said no, but that she was welcome to do so if she wished. So I was very kindly helped by concerned citizens, I accepted the help of the three faithful.

The person  I think was her father took the recipients hand above the wrist – I stopped and took his hand, put it on her skin to enable the skin contact to make sure that the connection was strong and then he made a circuit with his wife who was in turn connected to the lovely young person who was the end of that line,I  took the lead and asked that they form a circle with me at the end to close the connection. Very puzzled they agreed to do this. Continue reading “How the use of prayer can help Energy Healing Work Faster” »

Kids Smarten Up with Art In Cape Town and Johannesburg

Children class Image

Almira is a Reiki Practitioner who channels her healing into art. Through the art, she channels healing for children. This helps protect them from the dangers around them, in a caring and fun way.

Children class Image

Storybook art classes, inspired by a secret book called “The faeries and me”

Children create their own “say no” story on a canvas and remembers the lesson for life!.

We use art and love as a medium to assist children and adults to discover for themselves who they really are and how to “say no” to bad influences, when they feel the pressure.


• “Say no” to drugs and addictions

I don’t focus on the types of drugs and their consequences, I rather focus on “why” we have a need to take drugs and why we have indulgences like food, TV games, sex, shopping, smoking, gambling ext.

I stopped smoking after 20 years and am clean for 5 years. I couldn’t do it, was my believe for a very long time and had to find a way for me to stop, “easily” because the hard way wasn’t an option for me. Even if you are happy with your addictions and indulgences, just to come and learn why we have a “need” for addictions and indulges, will be beneficial for you, for when the day comes when you are ready to stop with what ever it is you want to stop. Its life changing because you will be able to make better choices and taking responsibility for your own health, which is key for the future, and you “CAN” heal some damages if not all. Never dismiss this opportunity thinking damages been done I might as well keep damaging myself, that’s self abuse. If you have been praying for help, this is it.

• “Say no” to Bullying, it is mean and mean stinks.

I discuss the different types of bullying so children can identify for themselves where they play the role as a bully or where they are being bullied (sometimes we are not even aware when we are bullying someone else) and I teach them tools on “how to” say no to bullying.

Gossip, shrinks the soul for both the sender and receiver!

• “Say no” to abuse.
I discuss what types of abuse there is, emotional, mental and physical, this way children will know when to “say no” because they now know what they are dealing with! Emotional abuse is the hardest to proof, but if you recognize the key points early, you can fight back with wisdom, knowledge and protect yourself. How can anyone “say no” if they don’t know “what” to say no to.

This class includes Animal abuse as well. I included this because we need more voices for those whom can’t speak.

•”Say no” to bad touches

If you are informed about what is a good touch and what is a bad touch you will be able to know how to “say no” because now you know and understand your boundaries.

Wisdom, education, information and knowledge are the building bricks of a good foundation of personal boundaries.

Other art classes.

• Focus wheel

Helping children and adults to keep they eyes focused on their goals. In this class children % have increased in one term as high as 45% and this was feedback I received from the parents. To this day I practice my focus wheel because It puts down all the key points, it allows for time management and schedules, and the best of all it makes you feel in power and in control because you now know where you are going, how to get there, all that’s is left is action to give it power to start turning the wheel in your desired direction. ( Every second counts are you aware of where you are steering your destiny wheel?). Be sure not to end up in no man’s land.

• A faerie happy Takkie

In this art class its all about being funny, laughing and creating their own “happiness takkie story book, every time the children wear their self created happy takkie, they are reminded that happiness comes from within and you must create happiness for yourself and that they are now walking their talk, and can feel proud of themselves.

Book in advance – classes are getting full – a deposit is required to secure your child’s seat.

At school facilities and at a studio in CBD Cape Town.

Will be in Johannesburg Irene and Centurion in June 2014. Book in advance.

From 9 – 100 years

Duration 30 – 60 minutes.

Gift vouchers available


Your Association Newsletter

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Energy Practitioners Association LogoHello

Thank you so much for your support, help, and just for being you!

We have done our first fund-raiser in March, had advertising in CTV earlier this year, and recorded two videos that have won us crucial support from two government departments. They really put the message across. Thank you so much.

We are currently nicely moving forward with the most urgent objective that we must achieve. This is government approval for our qualifications. We believe we will be the first in the world to do this for EFT and the third for Reiki. When we complete this important step, then your therapy, whether you do it for yourself, friends and family or whether you are a practitioner, will be totally accepted as mainstream.

We need an update of Trainers on the website. If you train in Reiki or EFT and do not see yourself listed on The Official Practitioners Listing please email with your training details.

And as you may have found out, having a link and editorial in the news section gets you noticed. One of our members has made R8000 from one client alone as a result of just one such editorial.

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You may notice that you get more enquiries from your website. Well, every posting that goes up for you in the News section, and every mention of your website in the Practitioners or Training section does this automatically for you. So the more postings you do on , the more your website will be visible on Google and all the other search engines. If you want to do an editorial, simply email with your article and pictures.

For self-employed people and for companies, donating money to charity can be offset against tax. And you can do it in 2 ways: Banner advertising on the site, and a straightforward donation. Banner advertising is available for a trial period of only R100 a month. I will be doing this myself for my own online business in the next few weeks. You are welcome to join me – just let me know, and we can take it on from there. You can supply your own art work in the specified sizes or pay to do it for you separately at R250.

Remember that every little  bit of  support you give  goes  towards helping your association do more for you. We also do more projects in other vital areas  and  to keep doing more we are working really hard  to make things  happen.  By supporting your association you directly and  indirectly help drop the drug addiction rates  and  the  problems  that come from that. We also help people  deal with the effects  of  cancer  and in so doing give them a fighting chance at beating it.

Our  senior  practitioners  are experienced  at helping – members  please do  get yourself  listed  on this  site for no charge  on the practitioners page, with a link to your  own site/email.

The banners  will raise  money for  vital programs  we run and from just R100 per month your  business will get the benefit of  the visits that links  from this  web site have already proven to be  effective at. Helping our  practitioners  grow  their  practices  and  in helping you grow  your business we think giving a little  back that comes off your taxes  is  a fair  exchange. Do support your  association today and  contact me, Hilary on admin at to discuss  your  placement of  your adverts. I am putting my money where  my mouth is  so to speak, please join hands  in helping make  this  happen.

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Warm regards

Hilary Albutt

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New Aura CPD Course For Energy Practitioners



New Aura CPD Course For Energy Practitioners

Are you a:

  • Reiki, Quantum Touch, Access The Bars, or Spiritual Healer?
  • An EFT Practitioner seeking a gentler way to find root causes than the usual questioning?
  • A beginner, wanting to experience a taste of what all this energy stuff is about?
  • A readings enthusiast, keen to get a reading and learn more about it?

Then you have come to the right place. On Saturday 1st June, there will be an Aura Reading class, with certificate and manual. Join us here, or apply by email here, because you are worth it!

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

Suzanne Zacharia

Full Time Practitioner, Author, and Trainer

Director and Committee Member, Energy Healers Association


Langebaan Guest House – Calm and Spiritual

Langebaan Healing Retreat Image

Langebaan Healing Retreat ImageLangebaan Guest House – Calm and Spiritual – ANGEL RETREAT

1 and 2 June 2013

Langebaan  Week-end retreat – “Connect, heal and find peace”

Spend a week-end connecting with the Angels. Simply just be, out of your mind and into experiencing love, light and Angel Blessings!

The retreat will take place from Friday 6 pm to Sunday 12 am at Sandra’s Guest House in Langebaan.

The programme will involve meditation, beach walks and Angel readings and will also include the following:

  • Guided meditations to meet your Guardian Angel
  • More about the Archangels
  • How to ask for help
  • Heal from emotional hurt and scars
  • Angel Readings and Divine Guidance

The cost will be R1 950 inclusive of all meals, refreshments, readings and teachings and two night’s accommodation. R1 150 excluding accommodation.

Bookings: Contact Michelle on 076 576 1664 or 021 553 0358 or Sandra on 0835835278

Or visit in conjunction with

Langebaan Guest House Spa Image


Reiki and EFT Practitioner in George

EFT Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner George Garden Route Image

We are pleased to welcome Astrid Reïne (Tworeck-Titley) top the Energy Healers Association. EFT Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner George Garden Route ImageReiki and EFT Practitioner in George – Contact:

Cell 083 5247434
Vitali Integral Health Centre, Far Hills Hotel, George, Garden Route
EFT and Reiki Practitioner (also does Shiatsu and Beauty Aromatherapy)